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Raul Diaz Gesha
Colombia Huila

Raul Diaz Gesha

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In recent years, Raul Diaz has decided to focus on "higher-quality" varietals, such as Gesha and Pink Bourbon. Newly planted trees take several years to begin producing meaningful quantities of fruit and for the quality to pop. We started purchasing his Gesha lot three harvests ago, when his trees first yielded any meaningful quantity. While each harvest has been good, this one is outstanding. Where prior harvests stood out for the creamy mouthfeel and floral hints in the cup, this harvest is bursting with floral notes and a deep sweetness.

Raul practices organic farming on his land and doesn't use any conventional herbicides, insecticides or fungicides.

Harvested in early 2021. 1850 MASL. Gesha. Washed. Imported by Shared Source.

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