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Mocha Haimi
Yemen Sana'a

Mocha Haimi

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Yemen has a storied coffee history and an extremely troubled present. The country has been in civil war since 2014 and it's estimated that hundreds of thousands have died from the violence and the resulting famine.

This coffee comes to us by way of Fatoum Muslot's Pearl of Tehama for Import, Export & C.A.S.

Mrs Fatoum Muslot, is the daughter of long time Yemeni exporter Ali Hebah Muslot and started her own coffee export company in 2015. Mrs Muslot's goal is to improve the quality of life in coffee growing communities in Yemen and to bring back Yemen's reputation for exceptional coffee. There is so much context and history that belongs with this cup of coffee and I can not begin to do it justice. For those interested, we recommend these two interviews with Mrs. Fatoum Muslot: 

Communicafe June 2020

Sweet Maria's September 2020

This is an exquisite cup of coffee. The cup is incredibly rich, with a sweet citrus acidity and deep berry tones. There is a definite wine-like quality to the body of this coffee and a delightful and lasting mouthfeel. We hope you enjoy.

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