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Dorothea Coffee is a micro-roastery in Seattle dedicated to making specialty coffee simple. We believe that coffee is great but people are better. We strive to build strong relationships with our partners and patrons. We proudly source beans from Coffee Shrub, Red Fox, and Shared Source because they reliably bring in the best coffees the world has to offer — they seek out underappreciated producers and build relationships that strengthen with every season.

Dorothea’s name comes from the city Dorothea in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities:

“. . . but now I know this path is only one of the many that opened before me on that morning in Dorothea.” 

Where to Find Us

  • Chophouse Row in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood 
  • Convoy Coffee's spot in Seattle's Pioneer Square or on their carts at farmer's markets around town. 
  • Little Lago in Seattle's Montlake neighborhood 
  • Goodkind Coffee in Lakewood, Ohio 

Our Team
Conor Mahoney
Conor is obsessed with two things: coffee and business, as vehicles for change. He started making coffee at 16 in a grocery store deli before moving into the specialty coffee realm at Stickman Coffee and then Zoka Coffee. After spending six years at Theo Chocolate, he started Dorothea.

Ashley Sirls
Ashley is the steady hand that keeps Dorothea focused. Foremost an educator and doula, she is intently focused on Dorothea’s place in the community: a space where neighbors come together and strong relationships are built. 

Elric McCoy
Elric brings his unique take on everything to Dorothea. He relentlessly challenges the way Dorothea does business in search of something better. With years of experience as a roaster and as a barista, he insists that there is more than one definition of “good coffee” but no excuse for bad coffee.