Our ideal coffee purchase goes through a trusted producer group as well as a trusted importer. This structure allows us access to smallholder producers the globe over, while limiting our own travel footprint and ensuring stability and fairness in each transaction. 

We earnestly believe that the importing partners and producer groups we work with are building a sustainable path towards a better coffee trade; one where access to specialty purchasers is broadly available to producers and power imbalances are mitigated. As a bonus, the trust and longevity of these relationships often results in extraordinary coffee. 

For our part, we commit to our coffees early so that our importer partners can rely on our purchases as they communicate with producer groups. We also don't squabble on price, take delivery on time and pay on time.

Our proudest and most common importing partners are: 

Red Fox Coffee Merchants

Shared Source 


Coffee Shrub

These importing partners are all independently-owned by values-driven folks. On occasion, we purchase from other importers when doing so aligns with the values we've outlined above. 

Sourcing is the core of our business and we are proud of how we do it. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.